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Spirit Days


Franklin Spirit days are fun and exciting days, meant to enrich the culture of the school. We hope you have fun dressing up on these days!

Monday, October 21st Crazy Hair Day     

Students are encouraged to find a way to make their hair look or feel crazy.  Please use common sense in decorating and with any accessories that are a part of that decoration.


Friday, November 22nd (the day before we leave for break) Board Game Day. Each class gets to play board games, or any games for a certain amount of time determined by each teacher. Students are encouraged to bring a favorite board game to school.  Students who wish to show even more spirit can dress like a character in the board game they are bring in to school.

Friday, December 20th (the day before we leave for break) PJ/Stuffed Animal/Movie Day. For this classic day all members of our learning community are encouraged to wear PJs to school, and can also bring a stuffed animal to school with them.  Common sense is your limiting guideline, so please wear footwear that helps you navigate the day safely (no bare feet, slippers, or flip flops). Students are expected to respect each other’s property and stuffed animals may have some restrictions within classrooms or the playground depending on that respect level.

January: Monday the 27th. Color Day. Each grade wears a certain color (same as last year). We will pose for the school photo right after assembly.

February: Friday the 14th. (The day before we leave for break) Theme Day. Each class can choose their own theme such as Harry Potter Day, or another PJ Day.

March: Friday the 27th. (the day before break) Sports Day. Students who have a favorite sports team are encouraged to wear logo wear or colors for that/those team(s).  Those who prefer to count the school as the best team possible, can wear Franklin colors or anything with a falcon on it!

April: Monday the 13th through Friday the 17th. Outdoor Learning Week. Teachers their teacher will find a time during the day to learn something outside!  

May: Monday the 4th through Friday the 8th. Teach-a-Teacher/No Homework Day. Same as last year, except teachers can chose the day of the week to partake. Teachers will decide how to run this in each class from choosing x amount of students to present some sort of lesson, to simple show-and-tell day.