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Coronavirus Guidance
Posted 2/26/20

As news reports continue to track the spread of the coronavirus, we know some of you are worried about your family members contracting this disease. AUSD district nurses are in touch with the Alameda County Public health Department (ACPHD) about the disease’s spread and the best way for schools to prevent it.


Currently, no cases of the coronavirus have been identified in Alameda County, and health officials believe the risk of catching it remains very low. Still, those officials recommend that families practice good health habits to to avoid the spread of any type of respiratory virus, including: getting a flu shot; washing hands frequently; covering your nose and mouth with your arm or a tissue if you sneeze or cough; and keeping children home if they are ill, especially if they have a fever.


Following the CDC’s advice, we are also asking families or students who travel from mainland China to self-quarantine for 14 days. We have also directed our schools to send home children who develop a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. The schools should then contact ACPHD and the district office so that the students can be checked by a medical professional. More information is available on AUSD’s coronavirus web page.” 


If we have receive information that suggests coronavirus is present in our community and poses a threat, school and city leaders would move quickly to alert the community and provide recommendations about how to prepare for the possible disruption that might be caused by an outbreak.