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Celebration of our Diversity

February: African American History Month

March: Women's History Month & Irish-American Heritage Month

April: Autism Awareness Month

May: Jewish American Heritage Month & Asian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Equity and Inclusion

Want to get involved in having a positive impact on school culture at Franklin? Consider joining the school's Equity and Inclusion Committee. Welcome to school! Email to be included in our next meeting or join our group on Konstella!


The mission of Franklin Elementary's Equity and Inclusion Committee is to honor AUSD’s commitment to provide safe and inclusive schools for all students and staff.

The committee’s vision is to create and maintain a school

culture that:

Welcomes, values, and pursues full participation from all of our community members
Treats all of our community members with fairness, providing equitable access to opportunity and advancement
Acknowledges and celebrates characteristics that make one individual or group different from another
Recognizes and addresses implicit biases and appropriately responds to acts of social injustice that affect our community
Nurtures the next generation of diversity, equity, and inclusion champions